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K9 mail is recorded by Thunderbird

In the world of email applications there are a few established names: Outlook and Thunderbird have been around for a long time. However Thunderbird has yet to enter the mobile market which Microsoft has been serving for some time with its Mobile Microsoft Outlook app. In updating our Thunderbird article in the knowledge base I saw that K9 is now being added to the Thunderbird community to further develop it as a mobile app for Thunderbird on Android. An interesting development then. Let's explore

Advantages of a paid SSL certificate

Security of a website is an important concern. The security certificate of a website is one of the first things you see as a visitor. Without an SSL certificate you will immediately see the message 'not secure' in the browser bar: Such a message can make you feel unsafe and can scare off customers who try to buy something through your website. So it has a negative impact on the performance of a website. If you process personal data on your website which is already the case with a contact form then

Create a website for your favorite project

Whether you're working on your own business or a side gig in website design optimization graphics photography or any other project of your passion. An online portfolio website can be the difference between finding your next job and starting your career and having that always remain just a dream. You may think that having your own portfolio website is too much for you or too expensive to maintain. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this blog post we want to promote your passion project

Construction and demolition container rental

You need a construction and demolition container for your construction renovation or demolition work? There are many different options available to you but which is the best choice for you? We'll help you with that below. We'll talk about the different sizes of construction and demolition containers what you can throw in them and what project you can use them for. Why should you rent a construction and demolition container? A construction and demolition container is the workhorse of any construction

Tips from Google to increase traffic to your website

Every webmaster is looking for ways to increase traffic to their website. More visitors means more views of your product ads or links. This in turn means you can expect more sales at the end of the month. However increasing traffic is not the easiest part of running a website. In this blog post we'll cover the latest tips from Google published on their AdSense blog. Google AdSense is the largest advertising network that is relatively easy to qualify for as a new webmaster. With no traffic requirements

Tips for your landing page

If you are a webmaster selling a product or service you want visitors to be motivated to buy it right away. This is done with a landing page for a specific promotion target audience or product. In this blog post we will discuss some tips you can use for your landing page and how to further test and optimize it. Almost every website is trying to sell something if not their own products or services then it is the visitors that are valuable to a website. The more visitors you get the more revenue

Create webshop in WordPress

There are different techniques and ways to create a webshop or web store. If you want to set it up independently and without being tied to a provider a webshop in WordPress is often one of the first choices. In this article we will look at what is possible to create your webshop in WordPress. And what steps you need to take. Creating a web store can be a simple task with WordPress but you'll need to take a few more steps than you would with a website. Once you start selling something through your

Google update of May 2022 has finished rolling out

Every year Google has several updates to its search engine however in May they have a major core update that can always shake things up. Has your website noticed a difference in ranking over the last few weeks? If so this should have normalized by now. Let's take a look at what this Google Core update has brought with it. Google updates can shake things up for a lot of websites with legendary updates like Penguin in 2012 turning entire industries upside down. Google is always fine-tuning their

New search engine Yep

From time to time a new search engine comes along because Google is not the only way to search the Internet. There are some veterans like Bing and now DuckDuckGo. And newer ones like Brave Search and a few other alternatives. However many of the new search engines have also been discontinued. Mainly for the reason that Google has a huge market share. This makes it difficult to convince users to switch. Yep is similar to Brave Search in many ways. In this blog post we will introduce you to this