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Top 4 WordPress plugins highlighted

Top 4 WordPress plugins highlighted to install right away. We often get the question after an installation of Wordpress what are some good plugins you can use right away on the webhosting of Of course there are a lot of plugins available for Wordpress that is why we have highlighted some plugins which you can start using right away. Wordpress SMTP mail plugin First of all it is important that you can send mail with your WordPress site. has blocked the

Bitcoin payments at MijnHostingPartner

Bitcoins now worth over 1000 Euros again The price of Bitcoins has been rising and falling for a few years from its beginnings of a few cents to now where 1 bitcoin is worth €1070.23 at the time of writing. also offers the option to pay for our web hosting products and domain registrations with Bitcoin. This is an easy and secure way of paying as you are used to with for example IDeal or PayPal. Transaction times for fast domain registrations. There are no high transaction

Webhosting in the Netherlands
MijnHostingPartner is a web hosting company based in the Netherlands. We started in 2008 with a concept that distinguishes us from the rest of the hosting companies. Instead of the traditional way of communication we have found a more effective way to serve our customers. All communication goes through the online chat where we are available 6 days a week during office hours and the ticket system which is monitored 24/7 by our support staff. The chat allows us to serve multiple customers at the

Just before the holidays

Neat for the holidays ! Would you like to demolish that one dilapidated shed before the holidays or finally remove that pile of stones from your old terrace under the veranda? That looks nice for the in-laws therefore rent now a waste container at! If you order the container before 4 am on a working day the container will be at your door the next working day. The container can remain 8 weeks so you have enough time to get the job done before the family arrives at your doorstep.

Quality and cheap web hosting
MijnHostingPartner often gets the question if it can be done our prices and still offer quality for our webhosting products. This is possible because of certain choices has made. We provide support through the Ticket System and online chat. The Ticket System gives us the opportunity to correctly handle the extensive questions and the online chat is for all your short questions and support. The reason why we have chosen this way of support is to reduce the costs for you

Containers for every job

At we have a container for rent for every job in the Netherlands. Whether it is a renovation or just a few cubic meters of garden waste that you want to get rid of. With our wide range of containers you have the choice between almost all types of waste and the dimensions of the container. There are also containers available for the big jobs of your company for example a 40m3 construction and demolition container and closed containers of 9m3. When you need the container for

Can you just transfer money

In recent months we have been hearing from many Dutch and Belgian of our clients that they are dealing with a new form of scam: CEO fraud. This form is very similar to phishing but the execution is much more sophisticated. How exactly does this fraud work and what can you do about it? How does CEO fraud work? The major difference between ceo fraud and other forms of fraud is the attention that criminals pay to the companies they want to scam. Fraudsters sometimes spend months preparing and gathering

The autumn pruning period

The time for pruning has arrived for most tree species in the Netherlands. Autumn is the time to start working in the garden. You need to be there before the first frost to prevent damage to the trees. At you can get a Garden and Green Container for as little as € 127.00 ex vat. This includes delivery collection and processing costs and in the container you can put everything you find in the garden. Fromleaves to prunings. Order it on a weekday before 4 am and have it

New payment methods
MijnHostingPartner will soon have new payment methods available for hosting customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides our existing payment methods you will also have the possibility to pay with American Express and KBC/CBC (for our Belgian customers). With the digital button of KBC/CBC you can pay for the webhosting of with your familiar environment. This way of paying is a lot faster than a traditional bank transfer and is processed directly in our system. This