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Cloud backup

Cloud backup laptop

With a laptop as your daily driver, it doesn't matter where you work, whether it's working on a report on the train for a while. Or on vacation being accessible for incidentals. Or you're a complete Digital Nomad. Something can always go wrong with working with a laptop. Briefly working on your website in a coffee shop, and then your coffee over the laptop. Changing trains, your laptop slips out of your half-closed backpack. On vacation, your laptop gets lost in the luggage.Read more about Cloud BackupLaptop.

Backup online for safe storage

With backup online you never lose your important documents, videos or photos again. Read more about Backuponlinefor safe storage

Online backup for business

Online backup for business is a wise choice to secure all your data via a cloud backup. Never lose files again with the online backup for businesses from MijnBackupPartner. Starting from 8.99 euro per month you can easily make an online backup of all your important work documents, photos and drawings. Read more about online backup for businesses.

Create a backup server

Create an online backup of your server so that your data is always safe in case of a crash, theft or fire. With the online backup of My Backup Partner for servers you make backups for Hyper-V, Exchange, Windows Server, MS SQL and more. Read more about backup server