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About MyBackupPartner

About MyBackupPartner is part of MijnPartnerGroup. And as the name suggests, this division provides online backup services. By now most people know firsthand how difficult it is to recover lost files after data loss. The online backup service from offers a solution here. In addition, you can save all your data in a central location in the cloud. By backing up online you will never lose data again due to crashed computers or annoying viruses that disrupt your computer.

There are several reasons to use online backup. The first is that hard drives unfortunately crash. Research has shown that over 10% of all hard drives break down within the first year. And if a drive fails, you can no longer access your data and you have no backup, it is often still possible to get the data off via a professional company. Often these costs amount to thousands of euros. Besides a disk crash, theft is also a reason to use online backup. How often do you hear than a laptop is stolen. A study found that American companies alone lose $18 billion because of data loss. Then the cost of online backup compared to this is a bargain.

Your data is safely stored with online backup at Starting from € 5.99 per month you can already store 250GB of data. With's online backup service you have access to all your data wherever and whenever you want. It does not matter whether you use the backup service for private or business purposes. Our storage servers are located in the Netherlands in heavily secured data centers. Of course, all servers are redundant so we can guarantee optimal safety and availability of all your data.

The online backup service from is compatible with every device. And if you have any questions, you can always contact our Dutch speaking support. Our experts will quickly answer any questions you may have about our services. It's not for nothing that we have been named the best chat support of 2019 and are rated by our customers with a thick 8.7! A score we are extremely proud of.

Besides online backup, MijnPartnerGroep also offers other services under different labels. For hosting, for example, check out, or if you need an online workplace, If you want to scan your website or software for vulnerabilities and have it audited, check out MijnPartnerGroep strives to be a one-stop place for all your online services. We meet the need to compete with other service providers at the most competitive prices. Simple choices, quick registration, quick activation of packages and handling of your queries. Labels from stand for a competitive price, excellent quality and good service. Look for all our labels on and keep an eye on us by signing up via social media (Facebook, twitter, blog)!