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Add Google Search Console

Adding a website to Google Search Console is an easy step we explain this process in a little more detail in this blog post. And what you can do with Google Search Console.With Google Search console you have many advantages for you as a webmaster. You can see which pages perform best and where there is still room for improvement. This way you can grow your website and make steps towards improvement. The only thing you need when creating Google Search Console is a Google account and access to the

Advertising on Search Engines and Social Media

To create more attention for your websites and land visitors directly on your pages you can choose to advertise your website. In this blog post we will discuss a number of options you have for this. And how you can best reach your target audience.With the launch of a website it can sometimes take months before you actually see visitors on your website. Content on your website must first be indexed and approved by search engines before your organic search results are visible. Optimizing that content

Starting your own mail account

A domain's own mail account is not only easy at but also quick to set up on any device. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of having your own mail account!Benefits of having your own mail accountThe benefits of having your own mail account are many when you start your own business then a mail account is one of the first steps. You want to be able to get in touch with customers suppliers and so on in a lot of different ways. If you do this with a free email account such

Lazy loading of images

Image loading is one of the biggest factors affecting the speed of a website. But at the same time they are an essential part of a website. How do you best handle images? With Lazyloading and optimization. Read on for the tips!Images or pictures on a website add a lot. From persuading to a sale to making a point clear that would otherwise take half a page of text. A relevant image that adds something also increases the time a visitor spends on a certain page and therefore converts better. Unfortunately

New customer panel coming soon

It has been in development for several years now our own customer panel. We are now in the final stages of development and the customer panel is already active on our other partners. The new customer panel brings a lot of new functionality and a lot of other things. Let's explain them in this blog post.First this customer panel is entirely developed by us in house. This means that it is also completely in-house and we have total control over it. All code has been rewritten from scratch. This means

Stop WordPress SPAM messages

SPAM messages within WordPress is an item that is often encountered unfortunately. Whether it's on a corporate website or a personal blog. SPAM often hides as enthusiastic comments posted on one of your articles. Here's what steps you can take to counteract it.What kind of SPAM do you encounter?SPAM comes in many shapes and sizes this can be a comment on your website or an email you receive. To counteract SPAM on the mail there are a number of steps you can take outside of WordPress. We recommend

Backing up your server

There are some things but as important as a good backup strategy for your servers. However this is a lengthy process to manage manually the software we provide from allows you to automate this secure it and handle it faster. Let's cover all the benefits of backing up your server in this blog post.A good backup strategy can make a lot of difference in everyday business life. Not only can you always fall back on a backup for occasional or minor human errors. But also for attacks

The latest .NET Core news from September

.NET Core is a framework that is always evolving. This is reflected in the regularity of updates that are released and the developments that are included. Not only are existing bugs quickly resolved and updated. But also new functionality is added with each update. In this blog post let's look at what has changed in September 2020.As we have also mentioned in previous posts in addition to the above points work is also repeatedly being done on the speed of the underlying code of websites and applications.

Creating and publishing a post in WordPress

Creating and publishing a blog post in WordPress is an ongoing process which is important for renewing content within your website and your positions in the search engine results. But how does this work exactly? We will take a closer look at that in this article.With a blog created with WordPress it is an easy task to publish a blog post this is done with a few clicks directly from the administrator environment within WordPress. It is therefore not necessary to write the blog post in another text