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Workspace in the cloud

What exactly does a workplace in the cloud at entail?We explain this in more detail in the following demo video. the server version used for this video is the standard. Windows server 2012 is also available.

Winners Facebook action!

The winners of the speakers are known!The lucky ones are:- Marcel de Jong- Wesley van der Ende- Edwin Braamhaar- Frank Tamminga- Alvie BhailalContact us via chat or on the page. Then we will send them to you. And we wish you lots of fun with the speakers!

Website Statistics

There are several tools available that can be used to monitor the traffic on your website. In this blog post we are going to cover about three of these tools. This way you will get more insight of the traffic on your website. For example you can use these tools to see which page is working and which is not. This way you can make sure that your conversion rate is as high as possible. You can track visitors to your website using one of the tools below: Statistics site of With

Speed of your website

In this blog post we want to draw attention to an article created today. Namely the following article: This article covers the steps and tools you can use to make your website faster. Speed of a website is becoming increasingly important the Google page rank is already determined by this.Several studies have also shown that a large percentage of visitors also leave the site when the loading takes too long. In the

NL domain name 30 years!

The Top Level Domain .nl is celebrating its 30th anniversary! In 1986 the first .nl domain was registered. This .nl domain name was requested by the CWI (Center for Mathematics and Computer Science) on April 20 1986. After an increasing popularity for our national domain name in 1996 the Foundation Internet Domain Registration Netherlands was founded to steer this in the right direction. is official registrar of .NL domain names at the SIDN. In 2003 the number of .nl registrations

Apply SEO to your images on your site

Search engine optimization can be applied in many ways we have already covered this in the knowledge base of However it is useful to be reminded of this every now and then. This way you stay focused on it and apply it more often. In this blog post we are going to look at images and SEO. When someone searches on Google images and your image is well on top then of course it is only positive. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the relevance of an image does it make

Accelerate WordPress site

When a WordPress site has a large number of plug-ins and media on the site this can cause delays. Not only for yourself but also for your visitors this can be very annoying and you can even lose customers because of this. If you are experiencing this problem then you can use the steps below to make a difference. This way visitors can easily browse around the site without frustration and without experiencing delays. GZIP GZIP is a way to compress the site i.e. make it smaller. Fewer large files

New promotion, win a Dashcam
MijnHostingPartner has a new action, this time we give 2 Dashcam's to the lucky winners. Participate by liking our Facebook page, and make a chance to win 1 of the Dashcams!

Domain names with nl most popular among Dutch entrepreneurs

This was revealed in a survey by the SIDN the registrar of the Dutch domain extension .nl. Three quarters of Dutch entrepreneurs use a Dutch domain name for their business. For entrepreneurs who plan to register a domain name the preference for a .nl domain name is as high as 79%. The number of domain names available for registration has increased in recent years. From .info to .biz and many options in between. At many of these domain names can be registered. Entrepreneurs