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How to choose the right domain name

How to choose the right domain name More and more people today have a website. Whether it's to manage their own blog or an e-commerce site or simply for the role they play in their business. And you may have set up a website yourself at some point. Or if you never have â€" chances are you've thought about it at some point. Of course one of the most important things when setting up a new website hosting is the name of the website. After all visitors on the Internet receive an awful lot of impressions

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint no longer comes standard with Windows Everyone who has worked with Windows has at some time or another worked with Paint. It is an image editing program that has been included with Windows since Windows 1.0 in 1985. So since day 1 the program has been included with Windows. After the creators update from April 2017 the program Paint 3D is now included by default. This is similar to Paint but is a heavier program. So a quick start to put an arrow to an option is still there. You will

Webhosting companies in the Netherlands

Webhosting companies in the Netherlands You are probably aware of the fact that there are many different types of hosting companies. In fact each hosting company has its specialty. Some are better if you want to establish an e-commerce site and others are better for individuals who want to maintain a blog. Still others are green hosting companies (meaning all the websites they host are hosted on green energy). But which hosting company are we talking about now a question that is often asked is:

Trailer or a container

Why a construction waste container and not a trailer? With a remodel you have 2 options for the waste either you go back and forth to the dump every time with your trailer loaded with debris. Or you rent a container that will be placed in front of your door. With a house renovation you will have to drive back and forth. Often you don't do this on your own but in pairs. What this creates is that on balance you spend 2 hours each time processing the waste. This is obviously not efficient if you want

WordPress plugins lose business data

WordPress plug-ins lose business data WordPress hosting is popular. Anyone who wants to create a website as a portfolio or start a blog comes across the name very quickly. Almost every hour our chat colleagues get a number of people in the chat with a question about WordPress. 28% of all websites on the internet use WordPress for their website or webshop. 500 websites are created every day with the popular CMS (Content Management System). The problem with IPv6 However an alarming problem has emerged

Preventing fraud on the Internet

Preventing fraud on the Internet Have you ever been the victim of Internet fraud? Or do you know someone who has had a lot of problems with this? As more and more people go online more and more cases of Internet fraud are surfacing. From sellers on Marktplaats who fail to deliver products to stealing bank and identity data. No matter where you are on the internet it is always wise to pay attention. Internet fraud - beware Since almost everyone can be found online it naturally attracts people with

Backlinks for better ranking

Backlinks for better ranking Backlinks are links that point to your website. This was and is an important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It tells Google and Bing how popular your website is hosting and how often it appears on the Internet. However it has become a lot sharper after the updates to the search engines. Backlinks on sites that actually have nothing to do with the subject of your website are not counted. And these can even cause a penalty against you. Google and Bing want

Kentico hosting

Kentico hosting and installation At we always want to bring up as many choices for you as possible. It is not that you only have 1 choice when you want to start a website hosting or webshop. Therefore it is advisable to do some research and browse through our knowledge base and blog before you decide for yourself. Just "switching" CMS is actually not possible there is always a lot of work involved. That's why it's so important to look around and find the best fit for you.