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Secure & Fast

Secure & Fast

A backup is a last resort in an ideal world, but experience has taught us that backups are often used in this world. If something goes wrong with a document, for example, it is faster and easier to restore it from a backup than to trace the error, fix it and restore the document. It is then logical that a backup is often sought.

With the online backup tool from, backups are easy to install and use. Install the tool on any operating system with a few actions and set it up as desired. It can be that simple.


A backup needs to be stored securely to function correctly. If a backup is not accessible, or fails in some other way, it is of course of little use to you. That is why we at have done everything to offer the service as safe as possible.

With strict password requirements and two factor authentication, there are always two ways to go before the final data can be accessed. In addition, we use a secure connection for uploading all files to the online cloud backup. Using military grade AES-256 Encryption, all data is also encrypted.


By splitting up individual files and smart design of our hardware, uploads that need to be done daily or hourly are as fast as possible. This ensures that it does not take so much time to upload for example a video or a large SQL database. Of course this also depends on your local internet connection. But we have done everything possible to still achieve the best results even with less optimal connections.

Always and everywhere

So it doesn't matter where you are in the world. Whether it's in a hammock in Mexico, a coworking space in Berlin or simply in Amsterdam. The storage of your backup is always fast, secure and easy to set up without further interference. Setting it up once ensures that changed files and folders where more files are added are also included in the backup.

With the online support via our chat or ticket system you always have a Dutch employee who takes your question. Through the online chat directly, and we try to have tickets answered within 2 hours. This way we can give you the opportunity to work on your own company or activities without worries. Or for a large company with multiple employees and systems. It can all be managed from 1 place without having to perform too many actions. Well so easy!