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Backup files and folders

Backup files and folders

With the software tool from you can make a backup of everything you want. On this page we show you the possibilities on how to backup specific files and folders.

Specific files

If you are working with texts or files you might want to have a backup of these on an hourly basis. If you make a mistake or want to go back to a previous version, our tool makes it easy to go back to a previous version. It is easy to select in the tool which file should be restored, and where this file should be restored to. For example, if you want to keep it next to your computer, you can just put the file on the desktop. If you want to overwrite it then you can restore it to the target folder.

This can be set beforehand or further set when the backup is needed. That gives you a lot of freedom to make sure your files are always available. In the backup tool you can configure how you want this to work.

One way to do this, for example, is if you are working on a video project. In this video project are all your raw video files that you want to merge and edit into 1 whole. In the backup tool you can select all the specific files that you want to have backed up. Or you can make a backup of the entire folder. So when you start working and a file is accidentally deleted or damaged you can restore it with the backup tool.

Folders and more

With the example of a video project we already mentioned the option of backing up complete folders. With the selection to select entire folders this is actually the easiest to set up. Select the folder you want to use in the online cloud backup tool and make sure it is added to the backup task list. That way it will be updated at any selected time and uploaded to the backup server after which it will be available.

Any file type is supported to be backed up and on any Operating System such as Windows, Mac or Linux so you also have the freedom to work between different devices. And you will have a backup on every device with which you can log into the online environment in the browser. In this environment you can then download the backup to help you recover.

If you have any questions you can start a chat with one of our colleagues at the bottom right. Here is one of our employees ready within office hours to answer all your questions.