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With backup software, of course you don't want to have to search for a new solution for other operating systems. With the online backup tool from, you have the ability to work with multiple devices and operating systems using the same tool. Let's cover the further advantages of this.

Windows Operating Systems

To install the backup tool on Windows computers and even servers is easy to follow through an installation wizard. Just like other programs you may already have installed, the backup tool from is also easy to install. With a few steps, it is installed in no time. And through the convenient menu you can easily select what you want to backup. Whether it is a specific file or folder. Or even the entire Windows installation.

Linux Operating Systems

Linux is mainly popular in the server area and therefore there may also be interest in a backup tool that can be put on the Linux servers. With a few actions via the Terminal, the backup tool is ready to use and always runs in the background. This ensures that even servers that run day and night can be backed up in various locations around the world.


The operating system for many programmers, artists and video editors. Apple has always appealed to the creative minds among us. A backup tool for this target group is of course great to have.

Don't think that your new graphic design for a client will be lost after hundreds of hours of work. A piece of code is lost due to a version update, or stored video disappears so that you have to film again.

For all these situations the backup tool of is excellent.With an easy installation and a set it and forget it format, you can be sure that all your data is always available through the online cloud storage.

Easy to install and use on any operating system

With our manuals in the knowledge base, there is an easy step-by-step installation to follow for any installation. In our knowledge base we try to answer almost every question there may be. If your question is not among them, we will also add it for future questions. And if you don't know what to do, you can always start a chat with one of our employees. Or just create a ticket in the customer panel. On every support question we try to respond within 2 hours.