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Backup servers & OS

Backup servers & OS

With the backup tool of not only personal files can be stored in a backup. But also entire operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Mac OSX. The same applies to servers.

Servers often run on Apache Linux or Windows, to create a full server backup often requires a lot of different tools to set it up. With the backup tool from this is all bundled together so that with one tool everything from servers, databases and files can be saved to one or more locations around the world.

This way you have a backup of your websites or applications with minimal downtime, even in the most exceptional situations. If something goes wrong with a version update, malicious code or more, you can always restore a backup with a few clicks of a button. This is of course an incredibly powerful tool with which you can be assured that if something goes wrong you can always go back to an earlier time.

Set the server backup to update every hour, every week or every few days. And with a retention of 120 days you can always go back to an earlier point in time without having to compromise on capabilities.

Windows OS, Linux or Mac OSX

Updates to operating systems are sometimes risky to install right away. Bugs or errors that are only recognized at a later stage can cause a lot of problems. With's online backup tool, entire OS versions can be rolled back remotely with just a few clicks and minimal delay. This way, if something goes wrong in an update, you can always go back to an earlier version.

It is also possible to imagine a use case in which an update has been incorrectly installed on a machine. With our backup tool you can always revert to an earlier version, whether it was yesterday or 120 days ago, using retention.

Backup stored securely in multiple locations

With a backup from you can be assured that the backup is safely stored in multiple locations. You can choose between multiple continents to spread the risk. What in these times of privacy and anxiety can give an extra peace of mind. Also, every file is stored with a secure connection and encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption. Combine this with a secure password and two factor authentication for the best security.