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Backup Emails

Backup Emails

Email is and will always be a big part in online marketing and daily life. If you want to store it in a secure external location then look no further than's backup program.

Email comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you use the familiar email programs like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail or another. A second or even third external location where your email is stored is a good way to have access to your emails anytime, anywhere.

Backup your emails in any way

There are a number of ways to backup an email program. The manual way is time consuming and not really up to date. Often these backups are also made to a different location on the same machine, and you still have a problem if something happens to the laptop or computer. At you can set it up so that all email is saved at once to an external location.

With a little setup at the beginning you don't have to worry about it anymore. Set which folders and files should be included in the backup task. And set how often you want to see this. Every day, every hour or every week. This is up to you.

So when you have a problem with your fixed machine you can always import the mail again in another mail client. And you have no more worries about this.

Also, your email is once again stored with military grade AES-256 encryption and with two factor authentication. This ensures that there is no access to the mail when you do not have two things. The password and the two factor authentication that changes every 60 seconds.

Set it up once and the backup task always runs

What is the advantage of the tool from is that with the one-time setting, no additional actions are required. Just check that the backup task is running in the taskbar. And for every successful or unsuccessful attempt to make a backup you will receive a neat mail about it. This way you don't have to do anything anymore after setting it up. And no further worries.

With the personal package you have every possibility you'll need to backup your email address. If you are looking for a solution for an entire organization or a second location to store files then you can take a look at the other packages.