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Backup databases

Backup databases

Databases can be the heart of your website or application. Important data such as your entire inventory, customer base or various formulas can be stored in them. And it doesn't stop there.

A database can also contain your complete financial history of your company or sensitive customer information. With a single manual backup that you made in the beginning, you don't sleep at ease. Fortunately, has a solution for you.

With the local or online cloud storage tool of we offer you a possibility to quickly and easily save entire databases on specific files. And not just in one location. But also in multiple locations around the world. So even in the most exceptional situations you are still safe with a backup.

Restoring the database is easy and you can have your .sql file again within a few actions. Which can then be restored using your favorite database tool.

Why backup the database in multiple locations?

You may wonder why you should backup your databases in multiple locations. However, the rule that 1= none 2 = one is still true. 1 backup location can always fall over or lead to unforeseen situations.

And also, the question may arise what would you purchase a paid service for? After all, there are several parties such as Google and Microsoft that make a certain number of gigabytes available for free use.

We can give a number of reasons for this. First of all, these kinds of services are free, free services exist to collect data from personal data in order to sell you something. Do you want your company database to be used for marketing research? This is not only unwise but can also lead to privacy leaks. An item that since the latest European legislation for this is no longer a light matter.

Secondly, there is often only a limited number of gigabytes available, and the subsequent prices for more space are pricier than's services without the same features that our tool offers.

Lastly, is always accessible via an online ticket or chat. And there is also an emergency number available for emergencies. This way we can offer direct support in case of questions or problems. Something that often requires long waiting times with others and multiple departments. At all our employees are not only enthusiastic to help you but also have the tools and know-how to assist you directly.

Try our service and let us convince you of the possibilities and the extra peace of mind it will bring you.