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Backing up MacBook

Backing up MacBook

Backing up MacBook

To backup a Macbook you have many options, at we offer you a simple tool at your disposal that does all this automatically for you.So if you are on the road a lot with your MacBook and you want to backup your files and data the best thing you can do is use the tool from

Our tool gives you the opportunity to set everything up once so that all your files and sensitive data are not only safely stored. But also in multiple locations around the world. With the push of a button you restore all your files. Whether this is from your MacBook or from another computer via the browser.

Security on your backup account

With everything being online these days, it is of great importance that your data and files are safely stored. Of course not only on your MacBook locally, but also from your cloud backup. At your data is stored using Military AES-256 encryption, so every file and email is encrypted and secured using this encryption.

In addition, we strongly recommend using Two Factor Authentication. This way you always have a possibility to secure your account better, besides the password.

Data stored in multiple locations around the world

Besides a good backup at 1 location, it is of course very good to make a backup at multiple locations around the world! We have the infrastructure to offer you a backup location in several data centers, for example in the Netherlands and the United States. Also with the same encryption and the possibility of two factor authentication. This way even with national disasters you still have a backup possibility in another country.

Backup of your most important files, or your entire MacBook

At we have several packages suitable for every situation. The cheapest option still has as much as 250 gigabytes of available storage space that you can use. This gives you a lot of freedom to store not only your most important data. But also, for example, your best photos or videos that you can not miss.

You can also simply choose to backup your entire MacBook via our software. Every setting and file will be stored on a second or even third location! This way, if you lose your MacBook completely or if you lose something, you can immediately pick up where you left off on a replacement model.

Email backup

Email is often stored in multiple locations, however, with the Mail program of Apple the email address can be set as a POP account. With which the mail is stored locally. With the tool from you can then make a backup of the email messages that are stored locally and use them in other locations.

Backup frequency can be set up by yourself

A single backup is of course very nice, but as you work and develop your files keep changing. With the backup tool, where your data is stored in the cloud, it is possible to set the backup frequency yourself. Whether you want a daily backup or a monthly backup. And even per minute or whenever you want. The only factor to take into account is the available storage space. If you use this mainly for important text documents or more you can of course use it without any worries. With heavy video files you might need a bit more space with this. Fortunately we even have packages with up to 1000 gigabytes of available storage space!

120 days retention of your backup on the MacBook

120 days of retention means that you can have a backup of 120 days back at any time. This gives you the opportunity to make that one change back or even go back in time to fix an undiscovered error.

Software that is easy to use and yet offers more options

With our backup software you can easily use it to set up the functionality you want. Also, the tool is easy to understand for both experienced and non-experienced users and also to go deeper into. For example, commands can be given to a special backup action. The files can be split up even more than just choosing a folder. And you can also make appointments for everything that is possible. So how often, when and how.This gives you a lot of freedom in your specific backup files for a MacBook and the ability to set it up in a Set it and Forget it way, or a more hands on approach. This is of course entirely up to you how deep you want to dive into this. But in any case, your Macbook data is safely backed up in the cloud in multiple locations.

For the new digital worker

With the rise of digital nomads and working from home, a backup service that works faithfully in the background to ensure that the data is always accessible is a good thing. An accident can happen at any time and can cause days or months of lost work. With the backup of you have a backup you can fall back on in any situation. So whether you drop your MacBook while switching workstations, spill a cup of coffee on it in the wrong place. Or it gets stolen. You can always go back to the latest backup on any device and in any location.

Feel free to start a chat with one of our employees at the bottom right of the screen if you have more questions. And be surprised by the possibilities and the low costs we offer.