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Online backup space for all your files

You need an online backup for a lot of different projects. For personal use to store all your family photos and for business use to make sure you can always get back. In this blog post we will show you some of the options that we at have available.So there are a lot of different purposes for an online backup no matter if you want to store the daily photos you take for personal use in a safe place. Or whether you need to save the latest version of a website to a second location.

A Backup for the road and home

With mobile work on a website for your own business or for your employer you may still be working in many places. Whether you're on the move on the train visiting clients in a coworking space or just working in the office. A backup is necessary to make for everyone. With the software of this is effortless and fast.Whether you are working on the road in the office or on vacation. A secure backup not only saves you a lot of worries but also ensures that human errors or mistakes

Backing up your server

There are some things but as important as a good backup strategy for your servers. However this is a lengthy process to manage manually the software we provide from allows you to automate this secure it and handle it faster. Let's cover all the benefits of backing up your server in this blog post.A good backup strategy can make a lot of difference in everyday business life. Not only can you always fall back on a backup for occasional or minor human errors. But also for attacks

Creating a Windows 10 image backup

A backup of local files on each PC is not only wise but also saves you from lost data. But restoring every file and setting in a Windows installation can be time consuming. That is why we at have the possibility to make a complete Image backup and save it on various media. This way you can go back to a complete previous Windows installation at any time.Why create a full Image backup?Creating a full image backup has many advantages. Why would you only backup individual files

Why make an online Backup?

Whether you're working on a website updating your records or working on a new video project. An external backup in a different location is a must have for everyone. This is how you prevent data loss.In this blog post we shine a light on what you can consider with an online cloud backup and in what ways the service of can make a difference.Let's start with the question of why you should have an online backup.This answer may seem obvious but as a first reason an online backup

Backing up MacBook

To backup a Macbook you have many options at we offer you a simple tool at your disposal that does all this automatically for you. So if you are on the road a lot with your MacBook and you want to backup your files and data the best thing you can do is use the tool from tool gives you the opportunity to set everything up once so that all your files and sensitive data are not only safely stored. But also in multiple locations around the world. With the